Reksa Dana for Lender, Diversify Your Portfolio with Low-Risk Investment Alternatives

Reksa Dana for Lender is a special feature we provide to add value and alternatives for Lenders to diversify their portfolios in Investree in addition to loans. Reksa Dana or mutual funds are pooled public funds that are managed by Fund Managers in various investment instruments such as stocks and bonds. These funds aim to maximize their investment values according to their investment themes.

Don't put all your eggs in one baskets, start investing in Reksa Dana for Lenders to diversify your risks and gain potential profits.

Why Reksa Dana for Lender?


With an easy, fast, and 100% online application process, you can invest starting from IDR 10,000 (depending on selected products).


Managed by professional Fund Managers, investing in Mutual Funds could reduce your overall investment risk.


With no sales charges, gain more by investing through Investree. Risks, including default risk, Net Asset Value (NAV) risk, and liquidity risk, are low for the Mutual Funds on our platform.


Tag and fund on loans without any worries as your loan funding can be paid with your mutual fund redemptions.

How to Subscribe to Mutual Funds

How to

Explore Marketplace

Analyze various mutual funds offered on the marketplace based on information in the prospectus and fund fact sheets.

How to

Select Mutual Fund

Determine the investment amount on the selected mutual fund.

How to

Subscription Verification

Subscription verification process will be done accordingly subject to cut-off times.

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