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By lending your money through Investree, you can change a lot of people's lives for the better while getting a good return on your money.

*) Income obtained from the return does not include tax if any.

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Interest Rate 14%-20%

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A Quick Glimpse Into Peer-to-Peer Lending

An Alternative Choice Towards Getting Smart Returns


Peer-to-peer lending (P2PL) refers to a set of lending and borrowing activities conducted online through a marketplace. You can simultaneously provide financing alongside other Lenders by funding various loan opportunities proposed by Borrowers. On the other hand, the Borrower who obtains their financing will pay back the loan with interest to the Lenders who provided the finance.

As a recent development in the wider concept of the sharing economy, P2PL is intended to formalize lending and borrowing processes often practised between friends and family. P2PL itself began to grow in the UK in 2005 and has spread to various countries around the world by revolutionizing lending activities making them easier, safer, and more reliable.

Investree's role in this lies in managing the marketplace: bringing together Lenders with trusted Borrowers. Each loan application will go through a process of verification, assessment, and approval by the Investree Team before being offered to Lenders in the marketplace. Throughout the process, we administer the movement of funds between Lender and Borrower through partner banks. We also represent Lender activities in supervising, collecting and distributing Borrower repayments to Lenders.

You can provide funding to various types of loans:

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Mengapa Mendanai di Investree?

Return Bagus

Lender akan langsung menerima bunga yang dibayarkan oleh Borrower tanpa beban biaya apapun.

Risiko Terukur

Analisis komprehensif terhadap invoice yang diajukan oleh Calon Borrower. Pendanaannya pun dijamin berkualitas.

Easy Entry

Dengan proses aplikasi yang simpel dan 100% online Anda dapat mendanai secara aman di manapun Anda berada

Cari Tahu Lebih Lanjut


"Marketplace lending services offered by Investree are an attractive choice for people who want to allocate some of their money appropriately."

Belinda Bulandari

Marketing Manager/Travel Enthusiast

"Investree is very easy to use. The information is clear, we can start funding with a low amount and everything is online. "

Ananda Aryaguna

Financial Planner/Marathon Junkie


How Does It Work?


1. Applying for a loan

The Borrower completes the required information on the loan application.

2. Assessment and approval

The Investree team assesses and approves loan applications before they are offered to Lenders.

3. Pay the loan

Borrower pays off the loan through Investree in accordance with the corresponding predetermined schedule.


1. Browse the marketplace

The Lender assesses the loan based on the information contained in the fact sheet.

2. Financing the loan offer

The Lender determines the amount of funding on the selected loan offer.

3. Receiving loan repayments

The Lender receives loan repayment with interest that can  refinance other loan offers.

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