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Know the Risks 

Fund Carefully

By reading this page, you can avoid the potential loss of lending through Investree.

What Exactly is Funding Risk?

Funding risk refers to the possibility of losses incurred on the funding provided by the Lender. Bearing this in mind, the Lender is advised to consider the various risks that may predictably occur before providing funding through the Investree platform. 

Although Investree has an accurate credit-scoring system, a competent credit assessment team, and will only lend to agencies or individuals with good levels of creditworthiness, the risks inherent in your funding cannot be completely avoided.

With every funding activity, Lender always has the potential to lose all of their funding or the potential to find their principal and interest payments affected by several factors. To avoid this, you should first learn about the following risks and then determine the appropriate steps in providing your funding.


While the financing facilities currently offered by Investree come equipped with comprehensive risk mitigation systems in the form of credit-scoring, verification and credit grading,  however we offer a collateral-free service, the probability of default by the Borrower will nevertheless still exist on our platform. In addition, the level  of accuracy with the credit-scoring and grading systems that we use may not reflect the condition and character of the Borrower's credit as a whole. Furthermore, the Borrower may experience default due to unexpected conditions such as severe illness or death.

Therefore, if the Borrower defaults or fails to keep up payments on their loan, Investree will promptly inform the Lender and attempt to recover the debt from the Borrower as part of our commitment to obtain a favorable solution for all parties, particularly the Lender.

We will deploy debt recovery efforts through a Third Party Collections unit using means which comply with the appropriate and valid legal requirements. Despite this commitment, Investree cannot fully guarantee either the success of Third Party involvement or that of legal action in recovering any remaining balance on the loan which may result in a total loss on the funding provided by the Lender.


Fraud refers to such conditions where the Borrower is not the true owner of the identity disclosed, resulting in no possibility at all of repayment. The Borrower may have become a victim of identity theft or may themselves have falsified payroll and credit history information that could misleadingly affect their profile in terms of exaggerated ability to pay. To avoid such scenarios, Investree will protect the Lender with a state of the art security and risk management system.

Recessions or Economic Crises

Even though peer-to-peer lending schemes are based online and have been in operation for over a decade, no guarantee exists that such schemes will remain sustainable in the event of a recession or economic crisis. In such conditions, defaults or missed payments would be expected to rise and could result in falling rates of yield for Lenders, both on the principal and on the interest.

Risk of Insolvency to Investree

No company can avoid the risk of bankruptcy caused by unexpected conditions, but Investree will nevertheless strive to safeguard its existence by relying on the integrity of its reputation and funding portfolio, supported by a solid and experienced management and operational team.

What steps would you therefore take to mitigate such risks?

Diversify Your Lending Across a Range of Loans

“Don't put all your eggs in one basket.”

Warren Buffett

Diversification in your funding portfolio is a highly critical factor—carrying it out is crucial. As a new Lender, you are advised to lend appropriately according to your risk profile. 

Note: The minimum amount for lending is IDR 1,000,000.

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