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Interest Rates and Fees

Transparent. With no extra charges.

No charges will apply on registration and loan application. Fees are charged only when loan is fully funded by the Lenders. For the prospective borrowers, learn beforehand about any fees that will be charged upon loan disbursement.  

Meanwhile for prospective lender, you will not be charged with any fee and will receive the payment of principal and interest in full.

Interest Charges

Interest rate charged measures level of risk inaugurated during credit scoring performed by Investree Analyst Team. After the prospective Borrower submits loan application, Investree will conduct credit assessment on all information submitted by prospective Borrower. The result of analysis will provide loan grade to determine interest rate and fee charged to Borrower. 


What are the stages of the process?

1. Loan application

To submit loan application, the prospective Borrower must complete form containing required data as a perquisite for borrowing.

2. Information Assessment

We select, assess the information provided, and assign credit grade on the loan proposed by prospective Borrower.

3. Loan Approval

After assessment, we will offer the Term Sheet regarding the detail term and condition on the loan that subject to approval from prospective Borrower.

4. Loan Offering

The Loan is offered on the marketplace, funded by lenders and the money disbursed to the borrower.

Risk Grade with Investree

Invoice Financing

Online Seller Financing

OSF Per Month Risk
A+ 0.90 % - 1.10% Very Low Risk
A 1.10 % - 1.35 % Low Risk
B 1.20 % - 1.50 % Medium Risk
C+ 1.50 % - 1.80 % High Risk
C 1.65 % - 2.00 %  Very High Risk

*Risk grade is a risk analysis towards loans by combining Borrower?s and Payor?s risk profiles.

Platform Fees (applies to Borrowers)

Investree charges a Platform Fee of 3% - 5% depending on loan given to each loan application. The fee will be charged automatically when the loan is disbursed to the Borrower.

Administration Fee (applies to Lenders)

A fee charged to Lenders who transact through the marketplace for their services using Investree platform to get returns, and will be used by Investree for improvement and maintenance activities so that Lenders have better funding experience. For more information, please visit the funding FAQ page here.

Late Payment Fee

If the Borrower experiences any delay in paying off their loan, meaning not in accordance with the prescribed schedule, Investree will charge a daily fee for each day of delay.

Insurance Fee

For OSF loans, Investree requires Borrowers to participate in the credit life insurance scheme, which serves to take over Borrowers' liabilities to Lenders in unforeseen circumstances.

Early Repayment Penalty

Investree does not impose a penalty on early repayment for the Business Loans product, but the Borrower is under obligation to pay the nominal interest agreed at the beginning as a form of commitment to the Lender. Accelerated payment penalties will only be charged to Borrowers for OSF products at two months' interest.

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