Smart Ways to Borrow and Lend

A more flexible, safer, and easier process to apply for credit and provide financing via peer-to-peer lending.

So, How Does Peer-to-Peer Lending Work?

Sounds Familiar? — A friend would like to borrow money from you but you are rather disinclined. He then decides to seek help from a bank but finds it difficult to satisfy their onerously complex requirements. Meanwhile on the other hand, you happen to have some extra cash but you're reluctant to lend it out as your head is filled with doubt. That's exactly where peer-to-peer lending (P2PL) comes in as the solution. Without involving banking intermediaries or other financial institutions, P2PL represents a method of borrowing and lending online through a digital marketplace.

Applying for a loan or providing financing to other people not classed as friends is a key factor in our raison d'être. Investree will help provide security within the relationship between Borrower and Lender thereby enabling both to reap the rewards; loans at competitive rates of interest for borrowers and optimal returns for Lenders.

What is a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

What comes to mind when you hear the word marketplace? Something like the antiques market or cheap car market? A peer-to-peer marketplace is actually not much different, it's just based online. The peer-to-peer marketplace is a venue that brings together many people in need of loans with many others who are willing to lend.

Investree plays the role of running the marketplace. Like a shopping center, our job is to provide an exclusive space for sellers and buyers to meet each other. Not only that, we also select, assess, and approve the loan application submitted by Borrowers to produce quality funding to offer to Lenders.

How Does It Work?


1. Applying for a loan

The Borrower completes the required information on the loan application.

2. Assessment and approval

The Investree team assesses and approves loan applications before they are offered to Lenders.

3. Pay the loan

Borrower pays off the loan through Investree in accordance with the corresponding predetermined schedule.


1. Browse the marketplace

The Lender assesses the loan based on the information contained in the fact sheet.

2. Financing the loan offer

The Lender determines the amount of funding on the selected loan offer.

3. Receiving loan repayments

The Lender receives loan repayment with interest that can  refinance other loan offers.

Why Investree is the Best Choice?


The most profitable deals provided.

  • Competitive interest ranging from 14% p.a.
  • Speedy process, 100% online.
  • Fees only appear when the loan is successfully funded.


Better returns provided.

  • An attractive return, no additional cost.

  • Manageable risks.

  • Low minimum funding value starting from IDR 1,000,000.

How much do you need to borrow?


Enter amount ranging from IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 50,000,000.

Estimated Repayments

IDR 200,000 - IDR 240,000*

3% - 5%*

*) The size of the installment is calculated based on the interest rate and each person's case may be different; depending on the credit-scoring results of each individual/borrower.

Ready to invest?

Interest rates ranging from 14% - 20%.

Estimated Total Return

IDR 0 *

35 Days *

*)  Estimation of return amount and period will be formulated based on the average of funding that has happened in Investree with parameters such as purpose, grade, rate chosen.

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