Online Seller Financing

Get additional capital for your business, as an active retailer on any of the e-commerce marketplaces and POS working in conjunction with Investree.

  • Short term tenor for total loan amounts of up to IDR 2 billlion.
  • Quick approval, flexible, 100% online.
  • Rapid disbursement without collateral.
  • Interest starting from 0.9% per month*.

*) Fees are calcultated according to the interest rate applied and each person's case may differ, based on individual borrower assessments.

How much does your online business need to borrow?

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Rp 2 Million
Rp 2 Billion

*) Assuming interest at 1% per month.

**) Interest will be determined by the Investree credit scoring system. Terms and conditions apply.

Online Seller Financing

Online Seller Financing is a short term financing provided to the retailers in any of the e-commerce marketplaces that have partnered with Investree. Carrying no collateral, the borrowing term can range from 3-24 months with principal outstanding up to IDR 2 billion.

Applying for Online Seller Financing.

The prospective borrower can apply for Online Seller Financing  though the Seller Dashboard as well as Investree website. Besides, the prospective borrowers need to fill the questionnaires provided by Investree.

Borrowing Registration.

After receiving questionnaires, we will contact the prospective borrower for data verification as well as assisting on borrowing registration. To complete the registration, the prospective borrower need to upload all of the required documents.

Document assessment.

We assess, select, perform credit scoring on the Borrowing’s financial performance before approving the loan application.

Loan Offering.

We offer the approved loan application to Lenders together with the Fact Sheet that outlines Investree assessment’s result.

Loan Funding.

Lenders will provide funding for the loan which will be subsequently disbursed to the Borrower.

Online Seller Financing

Loan Scheme Term Loan
Borrower Individual or a legal entity in the form of a CV (Partnership) or PT (Limited Company)
Base in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, & Surabaya
Loan Value IDR 2 million – IDR 2 billion
Loan/Facility Tenor 3 - 24 months
Repayment Scheme Monthly installment according to loan tenor
Minimum Period of Participation as Seller 3 - 6 months
Minimum sales/GMV IDR 2 mio / month
Documents Required KTP (ID Card), personal NPWP (Taxpayer ID), and legal documents for company

Interest Rates and Fees

Grade Interest Charges/Month Marketplace Fee
A1 0.9% 5%
A2 1.00% 5%
A3 1.10% 5%
B1 1.20% 5%
B2 1.35% 5%
B3 1.50% 5%
C1 1.65% 5%
C2 1.80% 5%
C3 2.0% 5%

At Investree, we use holistic credit assessing method that will ensure that only good and viable loan will be offered to the Lenders.


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For Lenders, find out the amount of loans that can be funded through Investree with a simple online process. As for Borrowers, Investree loans can save your time and money. With transparent fees, no complicated procedures. Learn our Fees and Charges.

P2P lending service

Peer-to-peer lending (P2PL) is a revolutionary new way of delivering and applying for loans. As a pioneer of P2PL service provider in Indonesia, Investree introduced the system by connecting Borrower and Lender through online marketplace so that both can achieve financial goals effectively and efficiently.


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  • Loan facility up to IDR 2 billions
  • Interest rates start from 0.9% per month or 12% per annum
  • Fully funded within 2 (two) days
  • Online and transparent process