Invoice Financing

  • Interest rates starting from 14% up to 20% per annum.
  • Full funding within 72 hours.
  • Transparent

A highly effective funding scheme, which provides added value to ongoing invoices.

*) Fees are calcultated according to the interest rate applied and each person's case may differ, based on individual borrower assessments.

Invoice amount IDR 30,000,000 - IDR 2,000,000,000

IDR 0 *

Apply for up to a maximum of 80% of your invoice value.

IDR 0 *

The simulation as shown above are indicative condition. The factual amount of approved loan disbursement and repayment will be stated in the authorized loan approval documents.

What is invoice financing?

Receivables or invoice financing is a credit financing that relies on invoices due as a source of repayments from Borrower.

As a Lender you provide funding for the Borrower's working capitall. The loan will use designated receivables or invoices from large corporations or government related agency as the basis. Once the Borrower's client, who is referred as a Payor, settles the receivables payment, you will recover your lent amount along with interest.

What is the benefit of Invoice Financing?

For Lenders

By prodiving Invoice Financing, you will not only facilitate and speed up payment processes on given invoices,  but also support companies to grow their businesses.

Worry no more! You are in the right place to lend, as Investree only accept Invoices of state-owned companies, large multinational companies, and government companies for this product.

In addition, we also conduct Meticulous assessment of the Borrower's financial performance as the Borrower will assume liability over the repayment of funds by the Payor. For each loan offering, the Lender can also independently assess the financing risk of such loans by the information displayed on the Fact Sheet of every loan.

For Borrowers

Invoice financing could be a simple, quick, and effective funding solution for additional working capital. Through Investree, pledging current invoices will lead to converting a non-productive asset to a value enhancing asset as a source to obtain additional working capital.

By pledging invoices through Investree, you expand your funding access opportunity with ease. Right after invoice uploading, We will perform a credit-scoring assessment for the loan application, which is critical to obtain loan approval, before being offered and funded by the lenders.


We found working with Investree was as good as promised. Their friendly and experienced team walked us through the process. It was fast and simple!”

Ramya Prajna Sahisnu

Co-CEO Think.web, Founder, Partner at Talk Link, inmotion, dan Digify

"A truly one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer lending platform. With its invoice financing scheme, borrowing feels muuch simpler and easier, helped of course by greate service from a quite friendly team."

Farliando Roesli

Director at a prominent printing firm in Jakarta

"Investree represents a smart financing solution for creative industries wich are quite capital intensive. with simple requirements and a straightforward process, we could apply for our loan without worrying about spending lots of time looking for sources"

Maurice Nagasa

Director at WOW! Creative Conversation

"For a graphic production house like ours, Investree has become the financing solution for us with its straightforward requirements, simple procedures, and quick disbursement of fund. Through its invoice financing, we now have a much healthier cash flow."

Shinta Vidhyawati

Founder at PT Multikreasi Lentera Tridaya (Moonlighthink Communications)


Business Financing Flow

Why Borrow Through Investree?

Quick and Easy

Apply loans at anytime and anywhere.


No hidden charges and procedures. You can connect directly with our team

Competitive Interest & Costs

Competitive Interest rates and costs, based on a modernized credit-scoring system.

Find Out More

How does invoice financing work?

1. Owning an Assignment or a Work Order

A prospective Borrower either is currently carrying out or has completed a work order from their Payor pertaining to sale of goods or perform a service to the client/Payor.

2. Applying for Invoice Financing

The prospective Borrower sends an invoice to the Payor, and then utilize the invoice as a basis for funding application to Investree.

3. Document Verification and Credit Assessment

We assess, select, perform credit-scoring on the invoices, as well as borrower's financial before approving the loan application.

4. Loan Offering

We offer the approved loan application to Lenders including a Fact Sheet that outlines Investree assessment result.

5. Loan Funding

Lenders will provide funding for the loan which will be subsequently disbursed to the Borrower.

6. Repayment

At the end of a loan period, the Payor settles its Invoice to Borrower. Subsequently, Borrower will repay its outstanding loan to the lender, including principal and interest.

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