Our Story

Pioneering the peer-to-peer lending marketplace in Indonesia. Time to get to know us better!


What is Investree?

Investree is an Indonesian financial technology firm with a simple mission: to act as an online marketplace which enables people with financing needs to meet with people open to lending out their money. Not only do we improve Lender's returns, we also make credit much more accessible and within reach to Borrowers.

We are driving financial inclusion through the digital space.

Indonesia is a massive market yet provides only limited access to financing. Why not offer something different?

Achieve Your Financial Goals in Much Smarter Ways

Indonesia is a big nation; a country endowed with highly promising economic potential, supported by an enormous population largely of productive age. Unfortunately, due to financial disintermediation, financial inclusion in the country has so far not yet even begun to function effectively. A large number of individuals and business actors still face difficulty in obtaining financial access, mainly in terms of information and regulation.

In response to these problems, Investree is working to develop smarter modes of access in financial services for Indonesia. By linking Lenders who want to help with lending and Borrowers looking to obtain credit online, we make lending and borrowing activities more accessible on both sides of the equation. Not stopping there, we also offer attractive returns for Lenders and competitive interest loans for Borrowers.

As a pioneering company, we serve to instill and strengthen our working principles based on values of integrity, innovation and professionalism in order to benefit stakeholders under the banner of the sharing economy —a socio-economic system that converts personal resources into opportunities for sharing. By providing and applying for loans through Investree, people can help each other achieve financial goals while simultaneously empowering the economy for the good of Indonesian society.


Where do we make our profits?

In line with Investree's goals of ensuring openness, security and ease of access, we feel absolutely no need to hide anything, which includes information on our firm's profits. As part of the wider process, we charge Borrowers low and transparent fees on their credit allowing them access to competitive interest rates. In addition, we also do not charge Lenders additional fees on the loans they provide.

The Borrower's fee is derived from the marginal difference between the amount paid by the Borrower and the amount of profit due to the Lender, and is called the origination fee. This fee is included in the interest rate earned by the Borrower meaning the entire structure is free of any hidden charges.

Investree's Economic, Social & Psychological Impact on MSMEs

Tenggara Strategic's research "Beyond Lending: Building MSME Resilience in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period" shows that fintech lending companies such as Investree have had positve and significant impact on MSME during the pandemic, starting from increasing income, creating job opportunities and other things outside of the financial aspects that are equally as important. Let's find out more!

Of all micro Borrowers, 41% were able to increase their income, and 55% were able to maintain their income.
Investree encourages small and medium-sized Borrowers to create more than 2,500 jobs in times of uncertainty.
Investree increases financial inclusion for Borrowers and is a source for their first financing access
From the psychological side and improving the quality of life, Borrower felt increased self-efficacy, hope, and optimism.

Meet Our Team

Here is the team of professionals behind the scenes at Investree, ready and on call to help Borrowers and Lenders come together to colloborate through our mutually profitable peer-to-peer lending network.


Advisor Team

Muliaman Darmansyah Hadad is a former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia and former Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority. Currently, he serves as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In addition to his official duties, he is also active in some profession related organizations, such as the Association of Indonesian Economics Graduate (ISEI), Indonesian Risk Professionals Association (IRPA), and Indonesian Banking Development Institution (LPPI). Previously, he served as Chairman of Sharia Economic Society (MES) for 3 periods from 2008 to 2017. His contribution to Indonesian economy is exceptional.

He has officially joined Senior Advisor Investree. With his in-depth knowledge and mature experience in economics and financial for decades, he will share advice on business strategy especially related to regulation and business expansion at Investree.

AH Azharuddin Lathif currently serves as Director of the Sharia Supervisory Board – The Indonesian Council of Ulama (DSN-MUI) Institute, Consultant in Legal Consultation and Legal Aid Institute (LKBH) of Sharia Faculty and Law of Syarif Hidayatullah UIN Jakarta, and Arbitrators in National Sharia Arbitration Board (Basyarnas) MUI. He is also a former Secretary of the Capital Market Division of the DSN-MUI Daily Committee (BPH) for the period of 2015 - 2017. Having completed his undergraduate and post-graduate studies in law, economics, and sharia, he now dedicates his time and effort in working to develop the concept of sharia in Indonesia.

He has officially joined as Investree Technical Advisor of Sharia Business appointed by DSN-MUI based on Recommendation Letter of Appointment of Sharia Expert Team Number U-492/DSN-MUI/VIII/2017. As a Sharia Expert Team at Investree, AH Azharuddin Lathif provides advice and guidance to Investree Syariah in conducting business in accordance with sharia principles.


Board of Commisioners

Completed his education at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (BBA) and University of Buffalo School of Management, The State University of New York (MBA), Eri became a senior finance with 24 years of experience in the investment banking industry and private equity. He was a Country Manager/Executive Director at Natixis, Partner at Saratoga Investama Sedaya, and Senior Advisor for SGD 300 Million South East Asia PE Fund with Dymon Asia Capital (Singapore) which focused on SME investment in Indonesia. Now serves as Managing Partner at Kejora Ventures, which is also one of the Series A and B Series Investree investors.

As an optimistic figure for economic development, Eri feels that fintech-marketplace lending has bright prospect in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Especially in providing easy, fast and convenient access to finance for SMEs and the wider community. By bringing a myriad of professional experience, Eri joins Investree to realize this, including financial inclusiveness.

A professional banker with high level of education, entitled his International Baccalaureate from United World College of the Atlantic, Wales, United Kingdom, Master of Science in Economics from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, the Netherlands, also his Master in Business Research and Doctoral in Business Administration from The University of Western Australia Business School has extensive experience in banking and financial industry. Since 1994, Amir has a very accomplished career in many strategic positions in several prominent global companies such as; British Gas PLC, Bakrie Finance Corporation, AAA Securities, Deutsche Bank AG, Nomura Singapore Ltd, and his latest position was Head of Indonesia – Wealth Management di Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in Singapore.

He has been known as a patron of humanitarian, it is his dream to establish something that would help people more developed in an economy. Through his educational background and working experience, he has learned how to make ways to support individual and small-medium enterprise to grow, which eventually become Investree, as a pioneer and leading peer-to-peer lending in Indonesia.


Board of Directors

Having graduated from the University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics, and thereafter earning his MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, Adrian started his career as a Management Trainee at Citibank, before proceeding to manage Islamic Finance at Standard Chartered, Saadiq, Dubai, UAE. Eventually, he became Head of the Sharia Division at Bank Permata, and finally prior to his present job, he worked as the Director for Retail Banking at Bank Muamalat.Throughout the past 20 years in both local and international banking, Adrian has been busy building business models for banking companies within the conventional sphere in areas such as sharia finance and SME platforms, as well as in microfinance and e-banking in the retail sector.

His experience working for leading financial institutions has made Adrian see at first hand the many Indonesians who are still having difficulty in obtaining access to finance. Arising from these observations, the idea emerged to build a digital platform connecting Borrowers and Lenders which was to be named Investree.


After finishing his undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Dickie began his career as a Database Administrator in California before returning to Indonesia to become Regional Content Manager at Lycos Asia. Dickie became Head of the e-Channels Portal at AstraWorld responsible for managing automotive customer web content and operations for the entire Astra Group, and then went on to help build a premium SMS system for Telkomsel. Aside from working hand-on in operations, Dickie also became a Technical Advisor to several large companies, including Purple Analytics Asia Pte. Ltd. as Head of Business Development (formerly SPSS Indonesia).

Working in the IT world for the last 15 years has pushed Dickie towards embracing new challenges: finding and determining technological positions in running businesses. Relying on his expertise in maximizing the role of the Internet in creating markets, Dickie joined Investree to help add sophistication to financing activities in Indonesia to conversely make them simpler and easier to engage.


Management Team

This University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of San Francisco graduate is an expert in consumer banking. Starting his career at Bank of America and the University of San Francisco OneCard Office, the man who is more familiarly called Dedes has traveled the world of banking including at ANZ Panin Bank, GE Consumer Finance, Bank Danamon, and PT Indosurya Inti Finance. Previously, Dedes had held the title of Chief Risk Officer at Investree for two years and now trusted again to hold an important position at Investree as Chief Product & Innovation Officer. Since working in many leading banking companies, Dedes began to pay special attention to everything related to business, especially from the aspect of maximizing technology and creating innovation. He decided to return to Investree to be able to help develop SMEs and embody financial inclusion in the country.

Harris spent his first 12 years working in several well-known accounting firms such as EY Indonesia and PricewaterhouseCoopers Indonesia. Within his 12 years tenure, he focused on clients within the conventional and Islamic banking, insurance, and pension funds sectors which shaped his financial audit expertise. The undergraduate from the Faculty of Economics, majoring in Accounting, University of Indonesia, later joined Investree in 2019 as VP of Finance. After building experience within the pioneering fintech lending business process, Harris later served as VP of Operations at Investree Indonesia and Interim Chief of Operations at Investree Philippines. In 2021, Harris officially became Chief Operation Officer at Investree Indonesia to lead the efforts in improving Investree's business processes as an integrated digital business solution for SMEs.

Salman started his career in the banking world about 20 years ago by joining Citibank, dealing with a number of divisions as a Relationship Manager in charge of institutional clients such as bank financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, and private national companies. In his last position, Salman served as Senior Vice President. His expertise in corporations and investment banking was developed from his experience working at Credit Suisse where his last position was as a Director in its Investment Banking Department,and as Executive Director for Investment Banking at UBS. Relying on his network, the Trisakti University Accounting graduate joined Investree to expand his business reach as well as to play a role in maximizing the function of P2P lending for society at large.

As a graduate of the Bina Nusantara Faculty of Computer Science, Danang was always interested in technology, but instead chose to work in the financial sector. Starting his career as a Project Coordinator at Citibank, Danang then held a Business Analyst position with Manulife Financial, before becoming Senior Manager - Business & Product Development at CIMB Niaga, and later Division Head for Mobile Accounts at CIMB Niaga Corporate Partnerships.

Now at Investree, Danang is finally realizing his dream of breathing life into a prosperous economy for SMEs in Indonesia by enabling easy, fast and secure processes in finance, bolstered by the support of cutting-edge technology, in line with what has been his passion for so long.

Rahmat Azizil Hakim Graduated from the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering. He has been working in the banking industry since 2009, notably at Bank Mandiri, Standard Chartered, until he last served as Team Leader for SME Banking at DBS Indonesia. Relying on his expertise in ensuring the quality of a healthy, increasing and profitable loan portfolio in the Small and Medium Enterprises segment, the man who is familiarly called Zia joined Investree as their VP Co-Heads Supply Chain Financing who is responsible for various supply chain financing projects that become the focus of the company's activities. It is hoped that Zia's role and contribution can solidify Investree's financing support for developing SMEs.

Starting her career with Indosat in Marketing Communications over nearly 10 years and eventually sat as Department Head of Digital Marketing, Vari embarked on a long journey across many industries with companies ranging from domestic conglomerates to multinationals, including among them Philips Indonesia, where she was Country Internet Manager. Also a travel-blogger and part-time lecturer, her relationship with the financial world eventually deepened after working at Citibank Indonesia as Head of Marketing Communications for retail businesses, then at MNC Bank as Group Head Marketing Communications. Having witnessed the rapid development of fintech and P2P lending in recent times, Vari joined Investree to help raise the public profile of both these emerging fields, aimng for greater consumer recognition and thereby wider utilization.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison proves Liliana’s love of the financial world especially accounting. Due to her experience as a leader at reputable companies such as Mandiri Sekuritas, CIMB Securities, J.P. Morgan Securities, and PT Pembangunan Jaya, she becomes an expert in analyzing, reporting, and conducting research on the stock market, consulting, and business planning. For Liliana, the newly established and dynamic fintech lending industry offers so many opportunities for her to contribute more to the idea of financial inclusion in Indonesia. Having relevant experiences on hand, she joined Investree as a part of the management team to realize the opportunities.

After completing S1 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia and Master of Business Administration in Finance at the University of San Francisco, Adria started his career in the financial world by becoming a Business Analyst at Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco. Returning to Indonesia, he served as Senior Manager - Business Development and Corporate Finance at Medco Group and moved to Vamesa Group as Managing Director & CFO. His interest in the fintech lending industry has made Adria excited and be part of Investree’s journey, contributing to realizing the ideals of digital financial inclusion, especially from the aspect of joint venture collaborations that have a positive impact.

She graduated from Hanzehogeschool Groningen in the Netherlands and Universitas Indonesia and started her career as a Relationship Manager – Commercial Segment at PT Bank Lippo Tbk. Her career also took off when she was working at Standard Chartered Bank, starting as a Relationship Manager – SME Banking until finally becoming a Director - FI, Corporates and Institutional Clients. For Dhannie, joining Investree has given her an opportunity as well as a challenge to contribute to SMEs growth and empowerment with her experience and skills she acquired from working for almost 20 years in the banking industry, especially regarding the fund channeling from the Institutional Lenders.

This graduate from BSc and MSc in Computer Science at Purdue University has experience in building high-scale and high-performance website applications. His specialization in web, mobile, and software development has led Daniel to become a leader in several large technology companies such as Adskom, Happy5, and Tiket.com. Interested in the growing and dynamic fintech-marketplace lending world, especially from the technological aspect, Daniel joined Investree with the aim of helping to shape an IT team to support Investree's growth and realize real financial inclusion in Indonesia.

During years of his career, Ariyo has occupied several important roles in Human Capital at well established companies, such as Vice President - Head of Human Capital in Citilink Indonesia, Head of Human Capital Improvement & Projects in Telkomsel, and Senior Vice President - Head of Human Capital in BFI Finance Indonesia. The Universitas Gadjah Mada Management master program graduate has brought home several awards in the field of HR management, one of which was the first winner of HR Excellence Awards in HR Technology Category held by LMFE Universitas Indonesia. With his proven experience and competent skill sets in HR management, Ariyo is determined to create a qualified HR governance system to build a solid work culture and ethics among employees, as well as providing the best service for every Investree users.

After getting his undergraduate degree in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Andri began his career in the banking industry as a Small Business Analyst and ended as Head of SME Business Development Department – Vice President at Bank Mandiri. Throughout his journey in banking, Andri had led various projects, one of which covered creating an alternative solution for integrated financial services for SMEs in Indonesia. Upon his coming aboard Investree as a VP of Business Loan Innovation, Andri would like to contribute to the SME empowerment in Indonesia by developing products and initiatives which are relevant and helpful in a sustainable manner.

Fery started his career in banking as a Strategic Partnership Marketing Officer at HSBC, handling retail, personal loans and credit cards. While there, he won the Sales Championship - Regional Consumer. Thereafter, Fery held the position of Sales Manager, Bank at Work at CIMB Niaga and finally as Senior Relationship Manager, Business Banking at Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai - prior to his current role - focusing heavily on the concept of sharia finance.

For Fery, alumnus of the University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics (undergraduate) and IPMI Business School (Masters), joining Investree presents unique challenges in proving that P2P lending can indeed offer a excellent alternative that can help advance SMEs in Indonesia.


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