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For Lenders seeking attractive rates of return. For Borrowers looking for reasonable interest rates.
We are revolutionizing ways of lending and borrowing, making it beneficial and rewarding for both sides.

Get returns of up to



Before tax, on the principal of grade C3 loans.

Lend Your Money

Borrow at


Interest each month
on your total loan value

Calculated according to credit score analysis.

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Now Investree presents
Sharia Business Financing.

Get profit up to


*Assumption of funding for 1 year on financing grade C3, before tax and according to sharia principles.

Provide Funding

Financing without excess burden

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0,5 %

for each loan invested by your referral and on approved loans by Borrowers referred by you. Learn more.

Say “Hello” to Peer-to-Peer Lending!

A new, revolutionary way to provide and apply for finance. By matching lenders to borrowers within a single marketplace — where lenders are seeking the best rates of return on their funding and where borrowers are in need of loans at competitive rates of interest. As a leading pioneer in the peer-to-peer lending space in Indonesia, Investree will help both sides to get a far better deal in order for them to effectively and efficiently achieve their prime financial objectives.

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Why Lend Through Investree?

Attractive Rates of Return

Lenders will instantly receive interest paid by borrowers free of any charges.

Managed Risk

Comprehensive Analysis will be conducted to every invoices submitted by prospective borrower. This will ensure that every loan approved is quality guaranteed.

Easy Entry

Through a simple application process, done 100% online, you can start providing funding from IDR 1,000,000.

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Why Borrow Through Investree?

Quick and Easy

Apply loans at anytime and anywhere.


No hidden charges and procedures. You can connect directly with our team

Competitive Interest & Costs

Competitive Interest rates and costs, based on a modernized credit-scoring system.

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IDR 5.09T

Total Value of Loan Facilitated (all time)

IDR 3.81T

Value of Loan Disbursed (all time)

IDR 3.22T

Value of Loan Paid (all time)


Total Active Borrowers (Institutions dan Individuals)

IDR 539B

Value of Loan Disbursed (2020)

IDR 591B

Value of Outstanding Loan


Total of Loan Disbursed


Total of Loan Paid


Total Borrowers All Time (Institutions dan Individuals)


Average Rate Of Return

4 Days

Average Time Loan Funded


Total Loan to Fund

Current Funding Opportunities

See our list of loans and find opportunities to fund them today.

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Business Loans :
Solution for your working capital need's :

  • Loan facility up to IDR 2 billions
  • Interest rates start from 0.9% per month or 12% per annum
  • Fully funded within 2 (two) days
  • Online and transparent process